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What sales tax is applicable to my purchase from CITT?

Sales tax varies depending on what you are purchasing.

If you are registering for one of our online courses, webinars or fully-virtual events, you'll pay sales tax based on your location per the chart below.

If you are purchasing a registration, exhibitor booth or sponsorship for an in-person event like Canada's Logistics Conference, a certification reception or a local area council event, you'll pay sales tax based on the location of the event, per the chart below.

Finally, if you are purchasing a textbook, you'll be charged only 5% GST, as books are exempt provincial sales taxes.

Sales tax on courses, events and sponsorships:

Province/Territory Tax
ON 13% HST
NB, NL, NS, PE 15% HST
QC 5% GST + 9.975% QST

What is the CCLP® designation?

CCLP stands for CITT-Certified Logistics Professional. CCLP is the designation - also known as a certification - granted by CITT. It is granted to those who demonstrate their deep and broad transportation logistics expertise either via the program of study, or by taking the CCLP Challenge Exam. Unlike academic degrees, designations such as the CCLP must be continuously maintained by professional development, ethical behaviour, and remaining in good standing. This tells industry that a CCLP designation holder is committed to professional excellence in logistics.

What are the benefits of earning the CCLP® designation?

People decide to earn the CCLP designation for many reasons. One of the most common is professional credibility. The CCLP designation certifies a wide and deep array of competencies, developed in close collaboration with industry and updated constantly. In an industry in which certification is not mandatory, CCLP certified professionals stand out as elite logistics experts. 

Another common reason is career advancement and compensation. Although everyone's career is different, CCLPs regularly report getting new opportunities for advancement, additional leverage in job

interviews and salary negotiations, and raises - sometimes even while they're still learners in the program.

CCLP designation holders and those working towards the designation also get access to a suite of other exclusive CITT benefits not available to the logistics community. These include preferred pricing to CITT learning opportunities, including the annual Canada's Logistics Conference, an exclusive job board, and much more. 

How much does it cost to earn the CCLP® designation?

The cost of becoming certified will depend on your path.

For the program of study, all learners must take five logistics courses, each of which costs $800 + taxes. Additionally, there is a requirement of five business courses. Learner who hold a business degree or diploma can pay a one-time fee of $390 + taxes for CITT to assess your application and grant credits for these courses, in recognition of prior learning. For learners who have taken some business courses, but not a full degree or diploma, CITT can assess and grant exemptions for a fee of $115 per course. And for those with no prior business education, CITT is pleased to offer a range of business courses, each around $800-$900.

If you become certified via the Challenge Exam, a fee of $1575 includes a writing of the exam, as well as a study guide and personalized recommendations in the event you do not pass. Note that students who have taken CITT courses receive a discount towards the exam, in recognition of their prior investment. Some professionals choose to sharpen select competencies via course work, then attempt the challenge exam. 


How can I earn the CCLP designation via the challenge exam?

If you are confident you have mastered the 8 critical competency areas and skills in supply chain logistics management – and you have at least 3 years of relevant SCL work experience – you can take CITT's new, two-step challenge exam competency assessment process to earn the CCLP designation. The first step is to complete a multiple choice exam. This is followed by a practical interview / oral exam. CCLP designation seekers who successfully complete both can apply to become CCLP designation holders and full, voting members of CITT.

How much does the challenge exam cost?

A full schedule of fees is available here, but the rate to take the challenge exam is $1575 (about the cost to take two courses in the CCLP program of study). Special pro-rated pricing is available for those who have already invested in earning the CCLP designation by taking courses in CITT's CCLP program of study. If you have taken courses towards the CCLP designation, please contact Anthony at info@citt.ca or 416-363-5696 ext. 30 for more information.

Is Canadian experience required?

Not necessarily. In order to take the challenge exam, you must have a minimum of three years' relevant supply chain logistics experience - that experience can be in Canada or another country, or a combination of both. However, there is significant coverage of topics specific to Canada in the challenge exam, and if you don't have practical or educational understanding of supply chain logistics in Canada, you may be unable to successfully complete it. If you need to build your expertise in Canada-specific topics - such as legislation and geographic considerations - CITT's Program of Study may be your better option to earning the CCLP designation. 

How do I know if the challenge exam is right for me?

CITT developed the challenge exam for mid-to-senior level people who’ve worked in the business for some time. The minimum experience level to qualify to hold the CCLP designation is three years, but people who want to challenge in will likely need to have more than that to accumulate the competencies we assess. Most mid-level people and up—especially if they have varied experience across the sector—will be good candidates to consider this path.

That said, people shouldn’t opt for this route just to save money, or time. This is a rigorous exam, and real experience and practical insights are required in order to pass. Those that don't yet have the wide base of knowledge would be best to invest in the coursework to build that knowledge.

Similar to CITT's CCLP program of study, the challenge exam does touch on content that is unique to the business of supply chain logistics in Canada, including our geography and modal options, laws and regulations, and considerations when doing trade across borders and internationally, from the Canadian perspective. So people who come from beyond Canada but do business with Canadian companies or across our borders may still have the relevant knowledge and experience, or this may be an area where additional learning is required. 

CITT does offer a shorter, optional test that people can take to help predict their readiness to succeed on the full exam. After the test you’ll learn how far from the standard you scored, to give you an idea if you’re ready. There is also a study guide available, with invaluable information about the exam content and format.

About the Multiple Choice Exam

What does the multiple choice exam cover?

The multiple choice exam tests your knowledge, critical thinking & application of concepts related to 8 competency areas and skills. It includes both standalone questions, and question sets based on business case scenarios. Candidates need to have both knowledge in the subject matter area, but also practical experience and the ability to apply that knowledge.

Note: The multiple choice exam does touch on content that is unique to the business of supply chain logistics in Canada, including our geography and modal options, laws and regulations, and considerations when doing trade across borders and internationally, from the Canadian perspective.

How long is the multiple choice exam ?

The multiple choice exam consists of 125 multiple-choice questions. Exams start at a pre-arranged date and time, and candidates can have up to four hours from the start time to complete the exam.

How do I prepare for the multiple choice exam?

CITT has prepared a study guide to help you prepare - which is available for just $30, and is included free when you register for the challenge exam. At a minimum, we suggest you start by reviewing the 8 competency areas and skills. You might decide to do some review of areas that you don't touch on every day in your job. Taking the optional Practice Test can help you identify areas where you might need a refresher - and you'll also get the study guide for free when you take the Practice Test. 

Please note, the study guide and other resources will help you assess your level of preparedness, but they are not adequate to make up for existing gaps in your knowledge or experience. If you have significant gaps, you might consider instead pursuing the course-based program of study to earn the CCLP designation.

When can I write the multiple choice exam?

Once you have registered for the challenge exam, CITT staff will be in touch and will work with you to book the exact date and time for your exam.

Where do I write the multiple choice exam?

You can write the exam at a location of your choosing. The only requirement is a stable internet connection, but we recommend you find somewhere quiet and private so that you can take up to 4 hours to complete the exam without being disturbed. The exam is hosted online and must be written under closed-book, proctored conditions. A remote proctor from CITT national office will oversee your multiple choice exam using Zoom. A web camera or smartphone camera is required. 

When will I get my multiple choice exam results?

Results will be released confidentially to the candidate within two weeks of the exam date.

What happens if I don't pass the multiple choice exam

If you don't achieve the pass mark, you'll receive a report to help you target the competency areas where you need attention. If you want to rewrite the exam, you can do so at the rewrite fee ($630) when you feel ready, within one calendar year from your initial attempt. For those who miss the standard by a wide margin, taking select courses may be an option. Completing the course-based program of study also remains an option to earn the CCLP designation.


About the Practical Interview

What does the practical interview cover?

The practical interview assesses your knowledge, skills and abilities in the same competency areas as the exam. Similar to a job interview, the practical interview includes both behavioural questions which ask about your actual on-the-job experiences, as well as situational questions that ask you to apply your knowledge to theoretical business scenarios. Candidates are assessed using a standardized scoring sheet designed with input from subject matter experts, overseen by a testing expert to be as fair and objective as possible.

How do I prepare for the practical interview ?

As soon as your practical interview is scheduled, you'll receive a copy of the Practical Interview Candidate Guide with general information to help you prepare for your interview, including a high-level overview of the competency sub-skills that will be covered in the interview. You can prepare much like you would for a job interview, thinking about times in your career when you've experienced situations or made decisions related to the sub-skills that will be covered. 

Who will conduct my practical interview ?

You will be assigned two trained assessors who are senior-level SCL professionals and CCLP designation holders. The lead assessor will conduct the interview, and both assessors will complete a scoring sheet, to ensure your interview is thoroughly documented.  

When can I do my practical interview ?

Once you've successfully passed the multiple choice exam, CITT staff will be in touch to schedule your practical interview between you and your two assessors. Interviews be scheduled to happen during work hours, evenings or even on weekends – whatever works best for your schedule. 

Where do I do my practical interview ?

The interview is conducted over Zoom. Pick a location where you will be comfortable, and also free from distractions. 

When will I get my practical interview results?

You'll be informed of your results within 5 business days of your interview date. 

About the Practice Test / Readiness Check

What is the practice test?

CITT offers a shorter, optional test that people can take to help assess their readiness for the challenge exam. Taking it will give you a sense of what the multiple choice exam will be like. Based on your results you may opt to proceed to the challenge exam, or you may decide there are some specific areas you need to brush up on before challenging in. Or you might choose to pursue CITT's course-based program of study to earn the CCLP designation. Click here to sign up to take the practice test.

How much does the practice test cost?

The rate to take the practice test is $299. Special pro-rated pricing is available for those who have already invested in earning the CCLP designation by taking courses in CITT's CCLP program of study. If you have taken courses towards the CCLP designation, please contact Anthony at info@citt.ca or 416-363-5696 ext. 30 for more information.

When can I take the practice test?

You can sign up for the practice test any time – it's available year round. Once you sign up, you'll receive instructions and login information within 5 business days of registering.

When will I get the results for my practice test?

Once you've completed the practice test , you'll receive your results and recommendation within 5 business days.

What information will I get after I complete the practice test?

After you take this test, you'll receive a report showing how you scored relative to the pass standard, overall and within each competency area. And we'll give you an assessment of your readiness to qualify for the CCLP designation via the challenge exam. You'll also receive personalized suggestions for additional preparatory learning, if needed, to develop competency area knowledge where you scored far from the standard.

Please note, CITT does not provide copies of the correct questions & answers for this test or the formal competency assessments. The practice test is for diagnostic purposes only and is not intended as a study aid.

When and where will Canada's Logistics Conference 2023 be held?

Canada's Logistics Conference 2023 will be a hybrid event, happening live in Saskatoon, SK from June 4-6, 2023. The conference starts on the evening of Sunday, June 4 with the opening reception, followed by daytime programming on Monday, June 5 and Tuesday, June 6, and concluding with the awards dinner on the evening of Tuesday, June 6. Virtual participation options for the daytime programming will be available for those who can't attend in person.

Can I submit a proposal to speak at Canada's Logistics Conference 2023?

CITT will be accepting proposals from prospective speakers interested delivering a session at Canada's Logistics Conference 2023 until December 31, 2022. Click here to download the proposal application package (Word).

Does registration include accommodations?

No, registration does not include accommodations. The full conference registration package includes two days of learning sessions; breakfasts, lunches & two daily networking breaks, as well as admission to the Opening Reception on Sunday, June 4 and the Awards Dinner on Tuesday, June 6. A room block and preferred rate at the Sheraton Cavalier Saskatoon Hotel is available for Canada's Logistics Conference attendees. Details will be posted soon, or contact Tracy at tpersoglio@citt.ca for help making your reservation at the preferred rate.

Does CITT assist with visa documents required to enter Canada?

No, we do not provide any supporting documents. Attendees are required to arrange their own visa paperwork in order to travel to Canada.