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To help candidates assess their readiness for the Challenge Exam, a Practice Test as well as Study Guide and related textbooks for independent study are available. If you aren't sure you're ready for the full Challenge Exam, it's a good idea to explore these options. 

Learn more about resources for preparing and assessing your readiness for the Challenge Exam.

The Challenge Exam was statistically-validated by hundreds of working professionals with the experience required for a CCLP designation holder at a high level without studying. Within each competency area, a candidate's knowledge will be challenged in the following sub areas:

Final Steps to Becoming a CCLP Designation Holder

Eligible CCLP designation candidates who pass both the Challenge Exam and Practical Interview can apply to become CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals and full, voting members of CITT. You'll receive an application form from CITT staff once your assessors confirm you've successfully completed the Practical Interview.

From this point, the process is the same for all CCLP designation candidates regardless of which pathway they've taken to meet the competency requirements:

  • Confirm your (minimum) 3 years of practical experience
  • Agree to uphold a Professional Code of Ethics & CITT's by-laws
  • Commit to continuing education and CITT's Certification Maintenance Program
  • Pay the annual professional fee (currently $425 per year, typically pro-rated in the first year)

Once this application process is complete, you can opt to receive your CCLP designation certificate and regalia by mail or at one of CITT's annual certification events, and immediately begin to use the CCLP credential on your LinkedIn profile, resume, email signature, business cards and other business communications.